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Alateen Sponsorship (AMIAS)

Become an Alateen Group Sponsor (adults) or Alateen Personal Sponsor (teen-to-teen)

Alateen Group Sponsors

An Alateen Group Sponsor is an Al-Anon Member involved in Alateen Service (AMIAS) who is certified through the Area’s Alateen process and gives his or her time on a regular basis to ensure that the spiritual principles of the Al-Anon program are shared within the Alateen group.

An Alateen Group Sponsor is*:

  • An adult member of Al-Anon who is a minimum of 21 years old
  • Currently attending Al-Anon meetings
  • Has been an active Al-Anon member for at least two years
  • These requirements are in addition to any previous time spent in Alateen


  • Any additional Alateen Group Sponsor requirements are a matter of Area autonomy
  • An Alateen Group Sponsor or Area Certified AMIAS must be present to hold an Alateen meeting as outlined in the Area’s Alateen Safety and Behavioral Requirements
  • When no certified AMIAS are available, no Alateen meeting is held

*As defined in the 2003 Alateen Motion for Minimum Safety and Behavioral Requirements from the Board of Trustees

Alateen Personal Sponsors

Just as Al-Anon members sponsor each other, Alateens sponsor each other. Alateen personal Sponsors are fellow Alateen members who can discuss personal problems or questions with those they sponsored.

Personal Sponsors willingly shared the experience, strength, and hope of the Alateen program.

Al-Anon members do not sponsor individual Alateens.

Alateen Sponsor (AMIAS) Recertification

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